Over 18 Years Old

  • Any State issued ID or Driver License
  • Any Government Issued Passport 
  • Government Issued Military ID
  • Exotic Dancer certification with photo
  • Medical Marijuana Card


17 & Younger (Minor)

Any minor that receives services from Ranger Tattoo must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. Both the minor and legal parent/guardian must have the appropriate identification present with them in order for the minor to receive services. 

  • State or Government issued photo ID
  • State Issued Drivers License
  • Passport Student ID card issued by the school or college (with picture)
  • If the minor has been emancipated OR guardianship has been transferred from natural parent to another person; legal court documents stating such much must be presented


A parent/legal guardian must accompany a minor to the studio. 

  • Body piercings start at age 14 years and up; excluding some specific piercings on minors. Please call the studio directly for more information.
  • Ranger Tattoo will pierce the ear lobes of a minor under the age of 14 at the Piercers discretion. Please call the studio directly for more information.


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