Piercing Aftercare

Week 1 | Inflammatory:
Swelling, redness and clear fluid are normal.
Saline only NO ICE!!!

Week 2-4 | Healing:
Yellow ‘crusties’ form, don’t pick ’em! Begin to warm soak.

Week 5 | Maturation:
Redness should be mostly gone. Still clean the piercing.

Week 6 | Downsizing:
Come in because we may need to change the jewelry.

Use alcohol-free mouth rinse 2x a day (maximum!!).

Follow FACIAL aftercare for lip piercings.

Ice and cold drinks during healing.

Swelling is normal for 2 weeks.

Eat soft foods during initial healing.

Rinse with cold water after every meal.

Do NOT play with jewelry at all.

Downsize jewelry in 2-4 weeks or when swelling has reduced.

Healing can take up to 3 months.

Soak 2x a day with a saline solution (contact lens cleaner is NOT the same thing).

Be sure to rinse off excess saline in shower.

Do not turn/twist jewelry and DON’T pick at your crusties.

Follow TORSO aftercare.

Bleeding is normal for a week.

No unprotected sex during healing!

Sex can resume when comfortable (4-6w)

Shower before/after sex during healing.

Jewelry downsize after 6 weeks.

Piercing can take up to 6 months to comfortably heal and settle in.