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Your Guide to Safely Tanning With Tattoos

Preparing your skin before tanning with tattoos is important to ensure that your skin stays healthy and your tattoos remain vibrant and intact. By following these DIY tips, such as exfoliating, hydrating, protecting...

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4 Word Tattoo Ideas and Designs That Are Anything But Boring

Incorporating words into a design can totally change or amplify the meaning. Here, a dessert illustration by Mira Mariah gets a winking nod to Alice in Wonderland with the addition of “eat me.” An illustration tattoo is a type of tattoo design that is inspired by various styles of...

How Much Do Tattoos Cost By Size?

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

The cost of a tattoo can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the design, the experience and reputation of the tattoo artist, and the location of the tattoo studio....

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Tattoos: How Much Do They Really Hurt?

Getting a tattoo involves an ink-filled needle repeatedly puncturing your skin. Consequently, it’s not unusual to wonder how much pain you should expect when considering a tattoo. As it turns out, pain is a highly subjective experience, and how much discomfort you feel while getting tattooed can depend on a couple of factors including your biological...

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How Much of Your Medical History Should Your Tattoo Artist Know?

It is important for your tattoo artist to know as much of your medical history as possible to ensure that the tattooing process is safe and successful. This is because certain medical conditions and medications can affect the way your body responds to the tattooing process, and can increase the risk of complications such as infection...

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Is It Bad To Sleep On A Tattoo?

Yes, it is generally not recommended to sleep on a tattoo, especially during the first few days after getting it. Sleeping on a new tattoo can cause damage to the area, slow down the healing process, and increase the risk of infection. Here are some reasons why sleeping on a tattoo can be harmful: Friction: Sleeping on a tattoo can cause friction between the tattooed area and the bedding.....

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Does Cold Weather Affect Tattoos?

Yes, cold weather can affect a tattoo in several ways, and it’s important to take precautions to protect your tattoo during the winter months. Here are five examples of how cold weather can affect a tattoo: Skin dryness: Cold weather can cause the skin to become dry and dehydrated, which can make the tattooed area feel tight and itchy.

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Body Piercings

There are several types of piercings that you can get, and each type of piercing may require specific cleaning methods. Here are some common types of piercings and some tips on how to clean them: Earlobe piercings: Earlobe piercings are one of the most common types of piercings. To clean an earlobe piercing, wash your hands with soap and warm...

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Caring For Oral Piercing

Oral Piercings: Every time you “eat” or “drink” (besides water), “smoke anything,” “kiss,” “or put anything in your mouth”: you should rinse with (NON-ALCOHOL) Mouthwash. You can use Listerine, BUT use 1/2 Listerine, 1/2 Water in a clean glass cup. Brush teeth regularly. Labret, Snake Bites, Monroe, and Dimples Piercings: as mentioned above, but also clean around the ball on outside with...