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Any artist who’s become a professional had to master these 8 steps (whether they realized it or not).

We just simply turned it into a step by step system to take the guesswork out of becoming a professional tattoo artist!

-STEP 01


One of the biggest things that holds beginner artists back is the inner doubt saying they can’t do it! In this module we help you get out of your way, silence teh doubt and set you up for success!

-STEP 02


Of course we can’t start a professional tattoo career without an understanding of sanitation and sterilization practices. So in this module we break it down and even help you get your BBP certification.

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-STEP 03


This module breaks down the day to day operations of how a tattoo shop operates so you can go into your first, fifth or 100th tattoo shop and studio owners will see you as an asset and love to hire you.

Tattoo & Piercing Academy

-STEP 04


This begins the second phase of training and here we dive into drawing for tattoo designs, which is MUCH different than just drawing on a canvas or paper. Here we make sure you master the fundamentals of creating a long lasting work of art.

-STEP 05


This brings us to painting where we learn traditional flash design while mastering color theory, balance and proper tattoo fundamentals all at the same time. We’ll look at othre mediums as well including Photoshop and Procreate design. 

-STEP 06


Here we look at all the equipment you’ll be working with over the course of your career. This includes building and tuning tattoo machines, making needles, and mastering equipment maintenance so you never feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of what equipment to use.

-STEP 07


Now that we have mastered all the skills that came before we can finally focus solely on just the operations of the tattoo machine. If you’ve done your homework in the last two phases this will be easy!

-STEP 08


Here we look at rotaries, coils and catridge systems-what each one is used for, what needles to sue for what piece and how to keep your looking great for years to come.


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