How To Remove a Tattoo that Was Just Done

Not Happy With Your New Tattoo?

You just left a seedy tattoo shop (not naming names) and you’re not happy with the end product. In fact, you want it gone right away. Aside from a medieval excision, can it even be done? It can’t, but we’re not going to leave you hanging like that. We want you to have all of the information you need to remove a tattoo that was just done, in as timely a manner as possible. It won’t be right away, but it will be done the right way, as long as you follow the advice below.

3 Tips to Removing an Unwanted Tattoo as Soon as Possible

Take Care of It Like You Would a Tattoo That You Love

The most important step to getting rid of a tattoo that was just done, is to provide it with tender loving care. Treat it as if it was the original Mona Lisa, inked onto your skin. You’ll be tempted to disregard all aftercare instructions since you don’t care if it fades or the lines become blurred. But when you don’t keep it cleaned, moisturized, and protected from the elements such as friction and the sun, you neglect to let it heal. When you don’t provide a tattoo with adequate opportunity to heal, you open the door to complications such as infection. Not only will you still have a bad tattoo, you’ll could experience much nastier and more unsightly skin irritations. The latter only puts you further away from being able to have the tattoo removed by a professional. Remember, only a fully healed tattoo can be removed. Once adequate time has passed (typically 6 months, maybe sooner) you can look for a professional laser removal studio.

Which Type of Removal to Choose

You may not have done due diligence when selecting a tattoo shop and/or tattooist, or at least didn’t go into the shop with a clear design in mind. You wouldn’t have ended up with an unwanted tattoo if you had checked all of these boxes. Still, there’s no need to dwell on the past. Instead, move forward in the right direction by making the right decision about which form of tattoo removal service to use.

For starters, disregard advice from anyone who insists that you can remove the tattoo on your own. Pundits will suggest that for small tattoos you can using everything from cream-based removers to things you find in your kitchen pantry. These are all myths. Also avoid surgical excision tattoo removal as it’s a painful, physically invasive, and potentially harmful means of removing a tattoo. Instead, look to laser removal. It’s important to note that not all laser removal solutions are created equally. For instance, q-switched lasers, which are still used in some tattoo shops  are less effective and less efficient. This procedure is quite uncomfortable, requires a larger number of procedures than necessary, and takes a significantly longer time to recover. It’s an anachronistic technology that should not be used. Call around to ask tattoo shops about which type of laser removal they use. If they state “q-switched laser” then you know where not to go. 

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream of a Great Tattoo

We know you’re bummed about getting a bad tattoo. It’s a heartbreaking experience. The good news, is that by being patient and choosing the right laser removal option when the time comes, you have the opportunity to get the tattoo you really wanted. Instead of maxing-out your laser removal sessions until the tattoo is completely gone, consider using laser to fade the tattoo. By fading it, you can instead receive a successful coverup with a tattoo that you actually want.