Does Cold Weather Affect A Tattoo?

3 Things to Consider About Cold Weather and Tattoo Care

1. How Skin Responds to Low Temperatures

For some people, cold weather has little impact on the integrity of their skin. For others, low temperatures and associated weather behavior such as dry winds can make skin flaky and cause it to crack. When this occurs on a new tattoo, ink particles may break apart, which impacts healing and the aesthetic of the design. Protect your new tattoo from the cold snap by keeping the skin around your tattoo well-moisturized and well-nourished. In fact, the same winter season moisturizing/nourishing regime is advised for anyone with a tattoo, whether you’ve had it for days, weeks, months, years, of decades. 

2. How You Dress (to stay warm) After a New Tattoo

In extremely cold temperatures, which we’re known to experience in Mesa Arizona, newly tattooed clients are advised to reconsider what they wear for a few days after leaving the studio. Heavy weight and thick fabrics that are common to winter attire such as wool tweed and polyester fleece can weigh down and add friction that can complicate the healing of a fresh tattoo. Further, these fabrics can make newly tattooed skin itchy and bothersome. Wear loose fit and lighter clothing and take it easy on the layers over the area of your new tattoo for about a week

2. How You Dress (to stay warm) After a New Tattoo

Lastly, we look towards physical activities that you may partake in when the weather gets cold. They can impact your new tattoo’s ability to heal. Skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey are all enticing ways to enjoy the late autumn and winter in Mesa Arizona, but if you’ve just received a tattoo you will want to give yourself a little time before enjoying any of them.